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“Tuvia’s enthusiasm for teaching about the history and culture of the land of Israel was incredible. He was able to inspire our entire family from ages 10-82. We cannot wait to tour with him again on our next trip to Israel. Anyone who is able to learn from him is blessed.”

- Hope Shamberg, Mother of Bar-Mitzvah Boy

“I owe you an astounding amount of gratitude. You are truly a gifted guide and educator. Usually, I am resistant to programs that I perceive as propaganda, but I think your agenda became quickly and gently clear. It's not a political one or a religious one or a nationalistic one. What I got from you wasn't a crash course in dialectic. It was an articulate and riveting story of a hard earned and well-deserved homeland after centuries of unthinkable strife. I'm proud to be Jewish, and I think you've done me a great favour in that regard. You have a gift for showing people the way to finding their own Jewish identity and appreciating it.”

- Warren, Birthright Participant

“Tuvia is a wealth of knowledge, has a passion and conviction that comes from his core, that alters the context of any trip or tour with him to an extraordinary experience.  His warmth, wit and dedication are remarkable, and unparallelled.”

- Michelle Lee Fine, President Cornerstone Wealth Advisory

“I am very grateful for your knowledge, enthusiasm and the ability to connect to each and every one of us.  I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning of this trip but my expectations have been blown away.  My Jewish identity stands stronger than it ever has in my life.  My new found knowledge of Judaism and Israel give me the ability to feel confident when representing my personal beliefs and passion for the Jewish community.  I cannot thank you enough.  You are a role model and inspiration.”

- Kelly, Birthright Participant

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