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For the Sake of Zion is a wonderful road map to one of the great journeys of human history – the return of the Jewish people to Israel. Dr. Tuvia Book combines the head of a knowledgeable expert with the heart of a passionate educator to produce a volume rich in facts, ideas, and creative pedagogy.


“For the Sake of Zion is extremely informative. The book inspires students to delve deeper into vital historical subjects for the Jewish people and the Zionist enterprise. This is indeed an important project.” 

— Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


“Tuvia Book has written a fascinating and informative survey of Zionism from its early days to the present. This book is an important addition to the existing educational material.” 

— Sir Martin Gilbert, Oxford

“It is a splendid work, enlightening, full of important information, well-organised and beautifully produced. I need hardly say how valuable a contribution it is, given the sad state of disinformation and demonisation of Israel in so many circles today. I congratulate you on it and hope it is widely read and reflected on.”

- Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks



The Second Temple Period to the Bar Kokhba Revolt 536 BCE-136 CE

This beautifully illustrated history book is the first volume to be published in a planned six-volume series directed at Jewish young adults. It is noteworthy that this inaugural volume tells the story of Jews returning to the Land of Israel, while the Diaspora continues to thrive in a world of superpowers that clash and cooperate – a period not unlike our own. We hope that this series will go some way to rectify the ignorance of our unique, long, and complex history, and to enable future Jewish adults to understand both their past and ground their future in a changing and evolving world.


“When I discovered my Jewish identity as a young man in the Soviet Union, Jewish history connected me to the Jewish past and empowered me to pursue a Jewish future. I hope this book can offer the same feeling of connection and empowerment to our young generation.”

- Natan Sharansky

"Jewish Journeys is a supremely accessible and essential introduction to Jewish history. Its content will appeal to all ages. I only wish this book was available when I was young."

- Ambassador Dr. Michael B. Oren

“This book represents a major step forward for all of us who care about teaching Jewish history accurately and effectively. It is authoritative and accessible, richly researched, intelligently framed, and beautifully presented. It educates and enlightens but doesn't pander.”

- Prof. Gil Troy, McGill University

“Combining traditional sources with the latest historical and archaeological findings, and intellectual rigor with passionate engagement, this book is an exquisite rendering of the Jewish story.”

- Yossi Klein Halevi, Shalom Hartman Institute

“It is imperative to have a book that puts the landscape and biblical verses into historical context. Only then will you gain a physical, emotional, and intellectual attachment to our land. This is such a book."

- Dr. Ruth Calderon, Founder of Alma, Home for Hebrew Culture

“Tuvia Book has a unique gift for sharing the Jewish story with both clarity and passion; thanks to this wonderful book, students everywhere will have the privilege of calling him their teacher and guide.”

- Daniel Gordis, Koret Distinguished Fellow, Shalem College


Tuvia is an active blogger for The Times of Israel.

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